Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nobel Prize: Once Again, the Hate Award

PFC Bradley Manning, the WikiLeaks leaker, has been nominated for a Nobel Prize. I thought the Nobel Prize committee hit bottom when the gave the prize to Yasser Arafat (terrorist and murderer of women and children), after his transparent ploy where he refused a peace deal that gave him everything imaginable, while claiming he wanted peace. Really, he wanted what every Palestinian wants, then and now...to drive the Jews into the sea.

The Nobel Prizes have awarded many offensive prizes, as in Jimmy Carter (currently holding the dual distinctions as the worst President of the United States and the worst ex President of the United States), Paul Krugman (a political operative dressed up as an economist), and Barack Obama, POTUS, with no discernible accomplishment in his lifetime other than getting elected POTUS. 

Well, as difficult as it may be to sink even lower, the prize committee has done it. Manning is a traitor, has endangered many loyal Americans and their surrogates, and is likely responsible for the deaths of many others. Certainly he compromised our security more than any other person since 9/11. Hating George Bush used to put nominees on the inside tract for awards, but since he left office I suppose the new criterion is hating the United States.                 

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