Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Average Week For a Radical Administration

You have all read enough about the Obama administration's attack on religion, and their attempt (with MSM help) to twist the debate (distorting the right's position) from religious freedom to contraception. However, you may not know about he latest insanity from the left, a growing movement supported by the head of Obama's National Economic Council, Gene Sperling, for a Global Minimum Tax. I kid you not. They want all the industrial countries to agree to install a corporate tax of at least 30%.

Several years ago Ireland became the economic miracle of Europe by cutting taxes over 20 times and experiencing unprecedented growth as a result. Their legislature proposed taxing corporations doing business in Ireland at a new lower rate of 18%, and corporations doing exclusively offshore business at 13%. There were howls from every capital in Europe, claiming a two tier system would be predatory. They said corporations would leave the mainland and relocate on the Emerald Isle. They stomped their feel and said it was simply unfair! So, Ireland agreed, and decided to drop both rates to 13%. Never having imagined they would adopt the lower rate, Paris and Brussels were left red faced.

A similar argument is being used to support this Global Minimum Tax. It isn't "fair" they say to incentivize companies to relocate in a favorable tax environment. It is interesting that the anti trust enforcers in liberal economic regimes (like Obama's) claim to understand the idea that monopolies do not create much wealth, and they provide poorer products and services at higher prices than if they had competition. Of course when these anti trust zealots are dealing with the private sector, they see bogey men behind every rock. Microsoft was investigated for anti trust so many times in so many areas it would make your head spin, and by the time the adverse rulings came down, there was already a competitor beginning to eat their lunch, proving government action was (as usual) a solution in search of a problem. Microsoft's crown jewels, Windows OS and their browser, Internet Explorer, have been losing ground for years to iOS, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Android, Linux and others. And guess what? The competitive process left the consumer with better products at cheaper prices. 

These same people however, seem to relish the idea of government monopolies. Given the power of the sovereign, government monopolies are very real. What would the effect of a Global Minimum Tax be? Why would the left even suggest it? Because they want a the power to tax without leaving the payer anywhere to go.

The left opposes school vouchers, which would create competition for the now monopolistic public school system. As a sop to the union Obama recently trashed the highly successful voucher program in DC, effectively telling poor children to drop dead. This is to protect the Teachers Union monopoly, Similarly, the left wants to monopolize where companies do business, insuring taxes are high across the board. They are afraid of those countries which would provide a healthy business environment. Competition demands companies/ people/ countries have to work and innovate to stay ahead, and knocking off the competition is easier than working to provide these things. Believe this. If you think western governments are fat and sloppy now, and this passes, you ain't seen nothing yet. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

A couple of months ago the Obama administration complied with US law (for a change, unlike immigration enforcement and other selective pursuits by the justice department) and because UNESCO recognized a Palestinian State, funding was withheld (United Nations Economic Scientific and Cultural Organization). The effect was great. Other UN organizations who might have followed suit stopped in their tracks, and even seemed to take a step back from their hard anti Israel pro Palestinian stand. So what does out State Department do after this rare success? Last week they recommended restoring funding to UNESCO. What is more astonishing is how many Jews think the left in general and the Obama administration in particular are not anti-semitic and anti Israel.

I have experienced and read about many destructive, radical administrations in American history. Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson come to mind. But the Obama administration is an order of magnitude more radical, and more destructive than even these. God help us if he is reelected. Given what he has already shown he is capable of, imagine this radical chic leader with no reason to disguise his intentions for fear of losing the next election.

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