Thursday, October 27, 2011

Retire Romney

Romney may win the nomination, but make no mistake, he is not the best general election candidate. Like the last election where any Democrat would have beaten McCain, (Hillary by much more than Obama,) any Republican would beat Obama in a landslide if the election were held today. Of course things can change a lot in this year before the election, so nothing is certain.

The question is, what candidate will garner the largest number of votes. The answer; not Romney. He has no core values, and that is clear to anyone who looks. His change in position on abortion and gay marriage along with his incoherent explanation why Romneycare is different than Obamacare are well known. Less known is his endorsement of the climate frauding crowd, and his slanderous ah hominid attacks on those who disagree. His 59 point economic plan (the sheer number of points should make you suspicious,) in which he demonstrates a profound ignorance of basic economics by lowering tax rates only on those earning less than $200,000. This betrays the same fundamentally flawed gene most liberals have, that being the idea that government's consistent failure is the result of poor design (as opposed to simply being incapable,) and if we just implement the "right" program, government will become the solution, not the problem. Once someone thinks that way, they are hopelessly lost.

If you think about it, Romney has found an enormous amount of common ground with Obama. They agree on healthcare, taxes, climate change and the roll of government.In an earlier blog I said that evangelicals would not vote for him in the same numbers they would vote for another candidate. But the dirty little secret is that neither will independents. Even if I were wrong and he did have the best chance of winning the general, would you rather be certain of his victory and unsure how he would govern, or be certain of how someone would govern at the risk of being uncertain of victory. There are already enough John McCains and Lindsey Grahams in positions of power. Don't allow this election to be a Pyrrhic victory.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Hope For War With Iran

It is very possible that Obama will attack Iran's nuclear development facility in the next year. I agree it should be done, but it might seem unlikely given this is the President who had an opportunity to side with the Green Revolution in 2009 chose instead to sit things out (tacitly supporting the regime), the President who pulled defensive missiles out of Poland and Czechoslovakia rather than confront Putin, and the President who sided in Honduras with the Communist leader Zaleya (a Castro and Chavez disciple) rather than the democratic government. In short this President has no stomach to fight a battle today even if it will prevent a catastrophe tomorrow.

But if that battle will help preserve his personal power, well that's another story. As it becomes clearer that the 2012 election is slipping from his grasp, he might realize something radical is needed, and an attack on Iran could shake things up enough to get him re elected. Let us hope he does. He will lose the election anyway, but the public will interpert the decision to attack as prudent and bipartisan.