Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Hope For War With Iran

It is very possible that Obama will attack Iran's nuclear development facility in the next year. I agree it should be done, but it might seem unlikely given this is the President who had an opportunity to side with the Green Revolution in 2009 chose instead to sit things out (tacitly supporting the regime), the President who pulled defensive missiles out of Poland and Czechoslovakia rather than confront Putin, and the President who sided in Honduras with the Communist leader Zaleya (a Castro and Chavez disciple) rather than the democratic government. In short this President has no stomach to fight a battle today even if it will prevent a catastrophe tomorrow.

But if that battle will help preserve his personal power, well that's another story. As it becomes clearer that the 2012 election is slipping from his grasp, he might realize something radical is needed, and an attack on Iran could shake things up enough to get him re elected. Let us hope he does. He will lose the election anyway, but the public will interpert the decision to attack as prudent and bipartisan.

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