Friday, April 27, 2012

State of the Election

This election will be the first of its kind in my lifetime, and possibly in all American history. The President has a failed record on economic and foreign policy issues. Naturally, he and his surrogates (ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times, NPR, Hollywood elites etc) would rather avoid the topic, and when they do discuss it they casually lie. They say he's had the most foreign policy successes of any president this far in his term (a total reality he has failed miserable).

He has failed on the economy as well, but the main stream media is assisting him by certifying his lies and distortions. He says he created 2 million jobs. At least there is a seed of truth in that. However, 2 million is far fewer than any recovery in US history, it is fewer than the jobs lost during his term, and his "job producing" policies have caused the national debt to skyrocket by literally trillions of dollars.

No wonder he would rather not discuss these things. He can no longer do the "vision" thing, or the "can't we all get along" thing, having attacked every opponent on every issue and painting them as cold and heartless. Representative Paul Ryans budget is "social Darwinism", doctors would rather operate than give a drug because they make more money, insurance companies, oil companies, banks, are all evil enemies of the working man. These wealth producers are the enemy of every man in America, and if only they are brought to heel life will be good once again. uggg...

As if this isn't bad enough, it has entered a new, even more scary phase. If one listens to what he is saying, it is east to imagine the words of Stalin, Mao, Marks, Lenin, Castro, Chavez or Engels. I'm not kidding. Obama's ideas are the very ideas sold to the masses in Russia, China and elsewhere which took over the governments and destroyed whatever economic system the countries had.

He says that imposing a jobs destroying tax on the rich will somehow solve our economic woes. "From those according to their means, to those according to their needs." The top 1% of earners pay 40% of the taxes, and the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes. Half the nation pays no taxes at all. And for good measure, if the tax passed, and if it raised the projected revenue (highly unlikely), it would account for 1/10 of 1% (.001) of our annual budget. Doesn't sound like an answer to anything to me.

How can Obama win on a series of lies and distortions, most having nothing to do with the country's problems? If California is representative of the nation as a whole (I pray it is not), he will win in a heartbeat. California has lost 1,200,000 net people in the last ten years. Actually, about 4 million left and 3 million came into the state. Now..33% of Californians are on welfare. Ask yourself. Did any of the people who left the state come from the welfare rolls? Very few. Did any of the people who came into the state join the welfare rolls? Quite a few. That means the percentage of voters dependent on the government increased, and the percentage of productive wealth producing people decreased.

What does this portend? More Democrats elected in California. Those people voting for whoever promises them the most has increased, making this obscene state government even more entrenched. There is only one outcome. California will go the way of Detroit. It is richer, and therefore will take longer, but Detroit, it will become.

The more important question is, nationally, have Obama and the Democrats succeeded in demonizing the wealth producers enough to get elected? Have they promised the non producers enough freebies to get them to vote for the destruction of the greatest nation ever on God's earth? Stay tuned. The answer will appear on November 6, 2012.