Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry's Answer

Rick Perry was asked to explain his skeptical position on global warming by a new Hampshire Democrat yesterday. The political requirement that all answers be brief created an obstacle he navigated poorly, even though his skepticism is well founded. Here is my suggestion on what he should say if asked again.

The test of any scientific theory is how accurately it predicts future events. Global warming theorists have been off by large margins with every prediction they ever made. They predicted rise in temperatures, sea levels and other "catastrophic" events, all of which have been dramatically scaled back (by 90%) as each one failed to materialize. This alone is enough to discard the theory. But add to that the continuing deception by its advocates, and one wonders why we discuss this any more than we do the Lost City of Atlantis.. For years the "hockey stick" was offered as proof of temperature increases, until it was peer reviewed and it was learned the analysis and data werer simply incorrect. East Anglican University, the source of the data used in modeling climate change, had emails revealed where they were sharing information on how to fudge data, and how to avoid giving out the data on which their work was based. This hardly serves the scientific peer review process. Now we find the highly publicized report predicting the death of the polar bear population was a fiction (its authors are being investigated by their peers). Most recently data was aquired showing heat loss from the atmosphere into space is so much higher than the assumption used in climate change modeling that it renders every prediction they ever made useless. GIGO... garbage in garbage out.

OK. So it wasn't short. But maybe Perry can figure a way to distill this into a couple of soundbites.     

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