Friday, August 12, 2011

Question for Mitt

The test we should apply to any politician is whether philosophically, problems are better solved by the private sector or government. I believe Mitt Romney is a closet big government supporter. Here is one reason why.

Romney refuses to say Romney care was a mistake. He says that although there were things he wishes were different, for the most part it has been a success. Last night he said the individual mandate is consistent with the Massachusetts constitution, but not the federal constitution. The federal government has no right to impose its version of Romney care on the states, and as President he would do away with Obama care. If I were a moderator last night, I would have said, "The Massachusetts healthcare bill promised to insure the uninsured, yet after more than 5 years there are thousands of uninsured. It promised to reduce the lines and use at emergency rooms, yet there has been a dramatic increase in ER use with longer waiting periods for that and other medical services. It promised to bring costs down, but costs have skyrocketed far faster than the national average, requiring federal dollars to bail the state out. Mr. Romney, if this is success, what does failure look like?"

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