Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two's Company

Tom Daschle became the third on a match. Supposedly, during World War Two, the third soldier to light his cigarette on the same match could be shot because the enemy had sufficient time to see the flame, aim and fire. It seems that today that Daschle, not a soldier but the third tax cheat, got shot.

Charlie Rangel (congressman from Harlem) was shown to have cheated on his taxes for years, yet nothing was done to him. Tim Geitner cheated as well, but was approved as the Treasury Secretary. Tom Daschle didn't fare so well. I suppose his compatriots thought the public might see a pattern there. He withdrew his name today as the HHS nominee. I guess three cheats and you really are out. btw.. None of the three paid a penny in penalty when the taxes finally did get paid.

The press (aka the right arm of the Democratic Party) has allowed all three to claim without contradiction, inadvertent oversights. While it is true that with the complexity of the tax code many oversights are legitimate, in these cases that dog don't hunt. They didn't simply take an aggressive stance in classifying their income or deductions..that is perfectly reasonable. They just didn't pay taxes when money was clearly due. But the fourth estate could care less. Right now they are lionizing Daschle. I listen to the main stream media and all I hear is how this "simple mistake" sank a respected, much loved, public servant.. Respected by whom, loved by whom? I always found him to be an extreme partisan who had difficulty with the truth, constantly hammering away with a velvet glove..Oh well..it's just another day in the socialist/ MSM / Democratic complex.

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