Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Religion of Peace

The founder of a New York State TV company, designed to show moderate Muslims in a positive light, was arrested last week for beheading his wife.. Ummm.. I wonder what a violent Muslim is like?

And if you think I am a racist for pointing out the differences, answer me this.. What is a racist? Is it a bad thing? It seems to me that comparing one race with another, or assigning certain characteristics to a race is hardly bad or unethical.. If I compare neighborhoods, am I a neighborhoodist? If I compare ice creams, am I an icecreamist..This is an idea I took from, (and expressed humorously by) David Stove. So by saying blacks are better dancers than whites, or better athletes, am I a racist. What if I say Muslims are more likely to commit acts of terror than Christians, am I a racist then..or religionist? And if I am, is that a bad thing? You decide.

A Dutch film maker named Geert Wilders produced the documentary Fitna (I urge everyone to see it), a movie which asserts that the Koran is the source of Muslim violence. It condemns Muslim religious teachings for inciting violence, rather than condemning just the individuals committing the terror.

Wilders was invited to speak to Parliament about terror, but Great Britain's Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, refused him entry into the country. She said his presence would induce violence by the Muslim community. Ironically, her action underscores the very premise of Wilders film, that the Koran teaches and permits violence, and that Muslims are much more likely to be violent than members of any other religion..

Known terrorists and terrorist fund raisers, people who unlike Wilders really do advocate violence, are routinely allowed into the country under the free speech banner. Yet here, someone who never in any way advocated any sort of violence, was not allow to speak.

Once again we see where on the left freedom of speech is limited to speech with which liberals agree (college campuses being a prime example). But that is a subject for another day.

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