Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dangerous Fools

A couple of recent statements show how out of touch our political class is. Tom Friedman (author, NYTs columnist, socialist) said that if Mayor Michael Bloomberg (socialist, mayor of NY, aka the trans-fat mayor) ran for president on a third party ticket he would start out with 40% of the vote. He couldn't win NY, much less get 40%. A more accurate estimate might be 2%.

Speaking of Bloomberg, he recently said he didn't want to run for president, he only wanted to be remembered as the best mayor New York ever had. First let me recognize his heartwarming humility. I just wonder what he can do in the short time remaining in his shamefully acquired third term that will lift his signature accomplishments, the smoking and transfat bans, above historical giants like DeWitt Clinton (read some NY history and learn about this amazing political figure), Fiorello LaGuardia who broke the back of the entrenched corrupt Tammany Hall, and Rudy Giuliani, who changed NY from a sanctuary for organized crime, white collar crime, drug crime and youth crime (not to mention criminal levels of political overspending) back to the greatest city in the world. .

Barack Obama (US President, Democrat/ socialist) recently said that Americans have gotten lazy. Really? I suppose our having the longest work week in the industrial world and the highest productivity gives proof positive we are lazy. Luckily, we have the intelligentsia like him to point these well disguised trends out. After all, the bulk of his career was spent as a community organizer. For those of you who don't understand what exactly that is, think Zucotti Park demonstrator/ hustler/ freeloader. Of course this is the president who said that when times get tough people cling to their guns and religion. Foolishly, I thought religion was practiced every day every year, and second amendment rights were the just as important in good times as bad. More stupidity to follow.

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