Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weakness Has Consequences

Once again we are catering to the dictates of terrorists while undermining our core values. Defense Secretary Gates and Secretary of State Clinton oppose releasing photographs of Bin Laden because it might inflame the Muslim world. First of all the terrorists are doing everything the possibly can to hurt us as it is. They can't top 100%. Secondly, the failure to release the photos, something that would be a given if any group but Muslims were involved, shows weakness, and weakness is provocative. The terrorists rightly believe that they are calling the shots, they are dictating our policy.

In my last blog I pointed out that the absence of moderate Muslim voices speaking out against terrorism should be considered in the light of our own failure to confront the terrorists, particularly when the danger to Muslims speaking out is far greater than to us. When our leadership cowers under threats by the enemy, they embolden them, and discourage allies from stepping forward. 

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