Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wolfowitz's Mistake

Paul Wolfowitz has a distinguished public and private career. Most recently he was head of the IMF and before that assistant secretary of defense under Donald Rumsfeld. He has always subscribed to the highest standards of integrity, confirmed by everyone who knows him. Recently he was driven out of the IMF with trumped up charges, (provably false), because the other career people, almost to a man, wished to keep the cushy, corrupt status quo of the organization that he fought but failed to reform. The result was one for the bad guys.

In yesterdays WSJ Wolfowitz co authored an article with Al Gore titled "Malaysia's Opposition on Trial" where they challenge the world to speak up on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim, who has had politically motivated, false charges filed against him. Their cause is virtuous. I just wonder why Wolfowitz would allow his name to be tarnished by associating it with someone like Al Gore.

I can appreciate the idea that an article like this might have broader appeal when presented by representatives from the left and right. And I believe that in this world, there are at least a few well intentioned liberals, albeit misguided. However, I also know Al Gore is not one of them. He lacks any sort of ethical standards in his personal or public/ professional life. The examples of this are too numerous to recount. I will simply say he is an unethical intellectual mutant (American Thinker term), but a powerful and therefore dangerous one. He should be avoided like an ebola virus.

We are judged by the company we keep. Obama's behavior as President was entirely predictable based on the extremists he kept company with his whole life. Doesn't Wolfowitz understand that the credibility of a news article is in part a function of the credibility of the author? This is reminiscent of Newt Gingrich's advertisement he made with Nancy Pelosi touting cooperation on climate change. Of course what Newt did was even more egregious because the policy he was supporting is simply another liberal scam. At least here the cause has merit.

I hope all conservative spokesmen take note. Only speak to a liberal if you must. But never share a stage or an idea with one, lest your good ideas get thrown into the trash heap of garbage liberalism generally produces.

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