Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Preview to Freedom Lost

Last week I blogged that "This radical left crowd has a history of anti semitism, anti Israel, anti United States, and they support every totalitarian regime that lines up against us."
Well, here they go again. After Hillary agreed with the Chinese that human rights aren't that important after all, Obama told Israel that the US will side with anyone but Israel. Obama also told Iranian demonstrators pleading for freedom and democracy that they that must fend for themselves. Now the administration has decided that democracy and the rule of law should be ignored in Honduras. Instead, we should back a failed attempt by the extreme leftist, anti American, communist President to trash their democracy rather than abide by Honduran constitutional dictates.

For those of you who haven't heard, President Zelaya of Honduras was term limited out, so he elected to have a "constitutional convention" to change things. His problem was that the constitution says that only congress can call for such a convention, and the congress refused to do so. However, being a true blue lefty, he ignored the law and continued the process. When the Supreme Court said he had no legal authority and must stop, he ordered his top general to ignore them and proceed ahead. The general refused and was fired (the court ordered he be rehired.) The President's own appointed Attorney General opposed him, as did his entire cabinet (the defense secretary resigned.) When Zelaya continued to ignore all of the legally arrived at court orders, the Supreme Court directed that he be arrested. He was, but a deal was struck where he would leave the country and avoid prosecution. There are provisions in the Honduran constitution for Presidential appointments and elections due to such events as these, and they were followed to the letter.

To Obama and his minions, to the New York Times and other left leaning organs, this constituted a coup d'├ętat, defined as a sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover. But it was not at all a takeover, and such propaganda distorts the legitimate democratic action taken. It falsely portrays it as anti democratic, justifying Obama's position supporting Zelaya. Instead of applauding the country's enforcement of rule of law and its preservation of democratic and capitalist institutions, the administration is siding with totalitarianism and the attempted destruction of those same institutions.

The other cast of characters supporting Zelaya are 'President for life" Hugo Chavez (who successfully did in Venezuela what Zelaya failed to do in Honduras), those lovable Castro brothers, the toast of New York journalists (notable for their having successfully kept 30 million people in an island prison for over 40 years), and every other communist, totalitarian government in South America. The United Nations weighed in condemning Honduras. That is the same UN that issued 70 percent of its resolutions condemning a member state against Israel, the only democracy in the middle east (save Iraq). That is the same UN that populates its so called Human Rights Commission with the most repressive states in the world, ones in the middle east where women hardly have higher legal standing than camels.

Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character (1 Corinthians 15:33). We really are known by the company we keep. The United States is now traveling with Communist China, the Mullahs in Iran, Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers, and we talk about deferring sovereign decisions to a totally corrupt United Nations. Are you surprised? That is not a whole lot different than Obama's friendship with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Sol Alinsky, all three of whom would strongly approve of our new foreign friends.

A government that refuses to support freedom and democracy abroad will certainly have no qualms about taking it away at home. Obama won't do it in the same way Chavez did or Zelaya tried, but rather through a takeover of industry and health care, new taxes, endless regulations passed in the name of saving the environment, enlarging the bureaucracy and financial support for criminal organizations like ACORN. If even a fraction of the administration proposals become law, our great country will transform into something Orwellian. Those of you who are not frightened, must be blind.

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