Sunday, April 26, 2009

Homeland Insecurity

I have seen political figures given jobs they were totally unqualified for (it is commonplace), but never has anyone been appointed to a position of such importance who is so out of her element, so clueless, so dangerous, and with virtually no idea what she is doing, as Janet Napolitino, the head of Homeland Security. She is as radical as she is inept.

Instead of focusing on the country's defenses, she renamed the war on terror with (I have no idea what it is supposed to mean) overseas contingency operations. Her new name for a terrorist act is, man made catastrophe. Now those should really help stop these animals.

She informed us that all the terrorists, including the September 11 terrorists, entered the United States through the Canadian border. The September 11 Commission said that the only terrorist coming into the US by way of Canada was the millennium bomber, Ahmed Ressam. This is like your cardiologist not knowing where your heart is.

A lawyer and former governor of a border state (Arizona), Napalitano said that crossing the border without proper documentation is not criminal, but only a civil offense. She really believes sneaking into the US is not a crime? Is this for real? I guess that our cardiologist learned his medicine hanging around a drugstore.

Then the Department of Homeland Security, under her direction and with her express approval, sent out a memo warning the public and law enforcement that because we have a black president and the economy is bad, returning veterans and right wing extremists may be planning terrorist acts. Think about it. Those of us who disagree politically with radical left extremists like her, and those men and women who put their lives on the line (giving the country more than we have a right to ask), are potential terrorists.

For Secretary Napolatino her department is a political organization, and anything related to its supposed purpose, like..ahh.. protecting the homeland, is only a tool to further Obama and her radical political agenda. It is as if Homeland Security has officially down graded the al Qaida threat and upgraded the patriotic American citizen threat.

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